Zzuli-Unicam: Building Research Bridges


Organizing Committee

Claudio Pettinari | University of Camerino  

Emanuele Tondi | University of Camerino

Elena Vittadini |  University of Camerino

Vincenzo Tedesco |  University of Camerino

Francesco Ranciaro |  University of Camerino

Yanting Zuo   University of Camerino

Shaoming Fang |  Zhengzhou University of Light Industry


ZZULI-UNICAM: Building Research Bridges

"to know, discuss and compare the research carried out at the two universities, for the benefit of undergraduate and graduate students participating in the joint programs and representing the "builders" of the “Research Bridges” between the two universities and, more generally, between Italy and China."

March 30 - April 1st  2021