NuGOweek 2023
Impact of nutrition during different life stages – tracing the impact of diet on human health
When: from 5th to 8th of September 2023
Where: Senigallia, (AN) Italy


1. Early biomarkers of disease: What is new? (Chairs: Guy Vergeres and Yiannis Mavrommatis)

2. Nutrition along life: learning from the exposome (Chairs: Michael Muller and Rosita Gabbianelli

3. Tools to trace the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on health (Chairs: Laura Bordoni and Lydia Afman)

4. Strategies to “rejuvenate” organs (Chairs: Laura Bordoni and Lydia Afman)

5. Nutrigenomics in the control of low-grade inflammation (Chairs: Michael Muller and Rosita Gabbianelli)

6. Social and gender inequalities drive unhealthy outcomes (Chairs: Baukje de Roos and John Mathers)